Maylis Grand, Nocibé

Maylis Grand, Nocibé

According to our concept of Beauté Libérée (liberated beauty), we position ourselves between prestige and a private label with Artist. We wanted professional but accessible makeup for all women in terms of understanding and price”, explains Maylis Grand, Private Label Manager at Nocibé.

Three-step makeup

The range is presented on educational furniture, and structured around the three essential steps of professional makeup application: bases, colours and finish. Shades, changing colour effects, 3D effects… anything is possible for those who take pleasure in the art of makeup.

Nocibé launched its own private label in 2012. Two years later, it now offers 1,200 references in bath products, skincare, accessories and makeup. We are turning towards developing more sophisticated products, such as Anti-aging or Artist by Nocibé for makeup, in addition to the essential, initial and more basic range,” Maylis Grand explains. “This range offers really good value for money, and to achieve this, we chose to work with an Italian supplier: products made in Italy are matchless in terms of makeup formulation,” she adds.

Special emphasis has been put on training sales consultants, who now learn about the art of professional makeup. Consulting and awareness-raising of customers will be relayed through tutorials on the website and social networks.

Developing the network

Apart from its 465 sales outlets (almost 600 after Douglas’s takeover), Nocibé also banks on Bellista by Nocibé, its future network exclusively dedicated to private labels, two stores of which are currently under test in Leers and Evry. This specific channel should spread out over the year, as the visual identity of Nocibé sales outlets is being redesigned and standardized.

With this new professional makeup line, Nocibé intends to increase its store traffic. “Nocibé is a perfume network above all, which means people come to visit us three times a year on average, therefore we still have many people to target”, Maylis Grand explains.