To promote Esencia Del Palacio Limoneros and Esencia Del Palacio Guayabos, its 13th and 14th fragrances, perfumer Carlos Huber, the founder of artisanal fragrance brand Arquiste, has selected easy spray, Aptar Beauty + Home’s full-service sampling and promotion solution. Both fragrance samplers are presented on a 1.5 ml vial on card.

Aptar partnered with Huber, assisting him with a true turn-key solution while maintaining the preservation of the fragrances. Arquiste leveraged Aptar’s technical expertise and broad, local network of suppliers to manage and execute the entire launch from start to finish. Easy Spray is Aptar’s most popular sampling solution, as it ensures olfactory neutrality with a metal-free pathway and offers consumers a real spray perfume experience. Easy Spray is available in a 1.5 or 2 ml size, features discreet dip tube and offers multiple differentiation solutions specific to each brand,” said the packaging supplier.

Carlos Huber’s career began with a passion for historical architecture. As he travelled globally, he worked on art installations that analysed the role of non-visual cues in the interpretation of historical sites. Soon after, he turned to his love of perfumery, studying under internationally renowned noses Rodrigo Flores-Roux and Yann Vasnier. In 2013, Arquiste launched with the desire to transcend and connect those who wear it to memorable moments in the past. Since 2013, Arquiste has received numerous awards and is sold in 28 countries. Despite the large expansion, Huber continues his personal involvement with each launch, handpicking individual olfactory notes and the highest quality ingredients.