The French brand, which specializes in aromatherapy, natural and do it yourself beauty, has opened a 180 m2 store at the Forum des Halles in Paris, France. On this occasion, Aroma-Zone is launching a new concept, designed to facilitate the customer’s journey and the discovery of the brand’s three main families: Beauty, Health & Well-Being and Home. This is the tenth boutique of the brand in France (after Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Lille, et Strasbourg), and the third in Paris, after those of the Odéon district and Boulevard Haussmann

"We were looking for a location that would be easily accessible from the entire Paris region, because our customers sometimes come from very far away to find our products," explains Sabrina Herlory, CEO of Aroma-Zone, to Premium Beauty News.

First food supplements

With more than 2,300 references of natural products, the shop gives access to the Aroma-Zone team of natural beauty advisers, to freely accessible digital tablets that enable consumers to consult the brand’s recipes for making their own cosmetics, QR codes placed on all the products and giving access to their details on the Aroma-Zone website, as well as two bulk bars — a liquid soap bar and a vegetable oil bar.

The opening of this new Parisian location comes with the launch of several new products: a CBD oil titrated at 12% and the brand’s first food supplements in the form of eight 100% natural and organic superfoods powders (alfalfa, baobab, chlorella, turmeric, ginkgo biloba, Brazilian ginseng, guarana, matcha) and Curcumin and Spirulina tablets.

International development

While they currently only operates in France, Aroma-Zone is resolutely preparing its internationalization and will open a new store on October 20 in Brussels, Belgium.

There is a strong international demand for our natural, simple and affordable products. Although it is only written in French, 15% of orders on our online store already come from abroad”, emphasises Sabrina Herlory.

This first foray outside France will be followed by an opening in Italy. Switzerland and Spain are expected to follow in 2023.