French manufacturer of chemical specialities Arkema and Australian company Chemeq Technologies have signed of a manufacturing cooperation agreement for the supply by Arkema of a new antimicrobial polymer marketed under the tradename Cereese.

Chemeq Technologies will offer Cereese to its industrial customers in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Cereese is an antimicrobial that with a broad spectrum activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Arkema says it is “non-toxic and generally safer than most current preservatives and actives on the market”.

Recent clinical studies have shown Cereese to be effective against acne- and dandruff-causing bacteria. Due to Cereese’s polymeric nature and the molecule’s size, absorption through the skin is inhibited, a particularly useful property for cosmetics applications,” the company adds in a release.

Derived from glycerol, Cereesen also keeps with a sustainable development approach, and falls in line with Arkema’s strategy to step up the use of renewable raw materials.