French plastic converter Seriplast A.T. Packaging, based in Oyonnax, in Eastern France, has launched several patented innovative plastic packs conceived to decrease production costs through the reduction of components. The family-owned business presented some of its key products at the latest edition of the Emballage tradeshow in Paris.

Cobra, a pump bottle with no pump

Cobra has a unique feature on the market! It is a pump bottle with no pump mechanism, a technical part which is usually made up of many components. This innovative pack consists of two parts:

- A bi-injected piece featuring a bottle, a dip tube and a push-button.
- The bottle bottom, to facilitate the filling.

This patented mechanism can deliver powders and liquids, and is both ecological and economical.

Ariane Vapo and Ariane Push-It

Ariane is a range of extemporaneous dual packs that enables the simultaneous activation of two separate formulations. The packaging features two chambers and a tamper-evident tab, thus allowing to protect the product lifetime.

Furthermore, three types of dispensing systems are available: spray, cream or dropper.