Confronted to a flat economic environment, cardboard manufacturers also have to cope with soaring prices of their main raw materials (wood, energy, transport). There is no record of such a market slump over the last 30 years! And there is probably no way to obtain higher buying prices from the customers, as their own businesses are not particularly high!

This economic swamp is complicated by the weakness of the US dollar compared to the euro, which artificially raises the cost of European cardboard outside the euro zone. While their American and Asian competitors are seizing the opportunity to gain market shares at the world level, European producers are focusing on their home market, where competition is reaching its fiercest level ever.

We killing costs wherever possible”, comment the operators contacted by Premium Beauty News. “Furthermore, the growth of the fragrance and cosmetic market is quite slow at the moment, and we do not expect any sales boom before the end of year!

Let’s hope for them that the Christmas season will be the occasion of boosting sales.