Anne Delleur

Anne Delleur

Since it has made its come back on the marketplace at the end of 2007, Arcancil is definitely getting its colours back. After a quick succession of store openings on every continent, the brand is now present in 25 countries and continues to expand its sales networks, with always the desire to outperform in the eye category, its historical strong point. In Brazil, Arcancil which was already present in Sao Paulo, Manaus and Recife with Calèche and other selective perfumeries, will enter Shampoo boutiques in Rio de Janeiro. The same logic of expansion applies for Morocco, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where gradually Arcancil is increasing the store openings.

To support sales growth, and approach its customers again, the brand has just completed its first commercial for its mascara, Cil Cabaret, its flagship line.

"Our goal is to double in three years time our export turnover," announced Anne Delleur. With a 28% increase the previous year, and a 36% growth for the current year, the company is well on track to achieve its goal. Arcancil relies in particular on its strong reputation in Eastern Europe and its first successes in this area should enable the company to relocate in Russia, a country which was historically one of its key markets. As for France, in May, the end of the exclusivity binding the brand to the Galeries Lafayette should open up new opportunities for development.

A reinforced team

To face these new challenges, the brand has reinforced itself with in particular, the arrival in January 2012 of Véronique Biolley who was appointed Marketing Director. A graduate of ESSEC, she spent more than four years in L’Oréal’s Consumer Products division, as Head of styling products and then of make-up products for L’Oréal Paris and as group leader for Gemey Maybelline. She then left for the United States, where she worked for Bonpoint the children’s clothing brand. Back in France, she joined the Arc International Group in 2005. "At 36, Veronica has more than one string to her bow," explains Delleur. "The combination of her expertise in make-up product Development, combining technicality and aesthetic sense, and her knowledge of Retail issues will be a major asset in the development strategy of the Arcancil brand in France and abroad."

Indeed, the brand must now demonstrate its ability to grow while maintaining the creative inspiration and high quality standards that gave the company its new breath of life. "Arcancil Paris wants to continue to embody what it is intrinsically, a true historical know-how, in particular in eye make-up, a brand at the forefront of innovation and trends, accessible to the greatest number of people in France and abroad," insisted Delleur.

But the great event of the year 2012 for the brand , is the signing of the make-up artist Morgane Hilgers, who, as the international spokesperson of the brand, created the make-up of the video Cil Cabaret and who will take a part in all the advertising operations of the brand, for which she also plays a role of creative stimulus. She is in particular, behind the development of a range of smart brushes for smoky eyes effects.

Five years after a successful recovery, this concentration of new talents should enable the brand continue its steady pace and establish its new modern and glamour brand image.