Arcade Beauty’s 3D stand-up Pouch progresses towards sustainability. The pack, which can be used as a minipack or an eco-refill, is now available with a 100% recyclable material, either in PE or PP.

Directly inspired by the food sector, this fully airtight pack with a screw cap or flip-top cap was originally designed in multi-material layers. This was notably the case for the 500 ml Cadum eco-refill, for which the brand claimed a 78% savings in plastic compared to the original bottle.

Considering its success in the beauty market, the Arcade Beauty group has enhanced its ecological credentials by developing a single material version for capacities ranging from 10 ml to 1 litre.

Eco-design, objectives to 2025

As part of its global CSR commitment, Arcade Beauty has made eco-design a priority pillar of their strategy. Each stage of the product life cycle (raw materials, production, use, transport & end of life) is optimized to minimise its environmental footprint. The group plans to reach 100% of products ready for recycling by 2025.