The new generation of product test, Arcade Beauty’s BeautiPod consists in a flexible trial dose that fits onto an informational card, to which it remains attached. “This concept reinforces both the value of the sample and the information perceived by the consumer. The rigid format makes the pack easier to open, and its relatively large size means the brand’s message is visible throughout the product trial,” explains the company specializing in sampling solutions.

Starting in January 2016, Socoplan Arcade Beauty’s French factory will begin manufacturing the BeautiPod. The site is being especially equipped with machines previously only available at the group’s factories in the United States and China.

This flexible trial dose contains enough product to guarantee the consumer can try out the formula in real conditions: It is available in sizes containing between 1ml to 10ml of product and suitable for foundation, skin and hair care, milks and lotions… Its dispensing spout allows for easy, comfortable application.

The BeautiPod is conceived to be fixed onto a large card to which it remains attached, thus guaranteeing increased visibility to the brand and means the consumer has time to memorize the brand message during the product trial. “As to its diffusion, the BeautiPod is perfectly adapted to extremely targeted operations, and can be inserted into magazines and mail shots. It is also a formidable ally for marketing teams for promotional operations, couponing, cross-sampling and e-sampling. Its conception allows the standardization of the trial dose, all the while giving the capacity to endlessly personalize the information printed on the card for different countries and in different languages. As such, it is the ideal sample for European markets,” highlights Arcade Beauty.