Arcade Beauty’s Socoplan factory in Western France, which specializes in cosmetic samples and single-dose packaging, recently passed compliance tests allowing it to use its packaging for beauty and skincare products classed as over-the-counter (OTC) medicines in the US and Canada. These criteria notably concern sun-care products, makeup products containing sunscreen, some serum and targeted skincare or anti-acne treatments as well as other specialist products usually sold in drugstores.

Arcade Beauty Socoplan can now guarantee to beauty brands that its solutions comply with North American norms following audits mandated this summer by the US and Canadian health authorities.

The facility passed two audits over the summer. These concerned assessing the factory’s conformity with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) under FDA and Health Canada regulations for all of its processes. All of the factory’s personnel were wholly invested in this project,” explained Arcade Beauty in a release.

Combined with the European ISO 22716 label for GMP in cosmetics the company already holds, these new labels will allow Arcade Beauty Socoplan to deliver brands with solutions in line with their growing expectations in terms of global compliancy.