Arcade Beauty Carestia introduces a new generation of environmentally friendly solutions is made of recyclable cardboard and cork from industrial waste, two materials that have the advantage of a low-carbon footprint.

Two concepts have been developed to date, one to perfume the car interior (ScentLy-Car), the other for the home (ScentLy-Home).


The ScentLy-Car concept has been designed to diffuse a scent throughout the day. Arcade Beauty Carestia can use a brand’s fragrance oil or can offer a turnkey solution, with a specific range of scents that are compatible with cork and remain biodegradable. Performance tests were carried out to guarantee excellent rendition of the fragrance and an equal diffusion power over a period of 3 weeks.


ScentLy-Home is a home-fragrance diffuser that comes in the form of a 100% customizable box (that can be round, square, rectangular or hexagonal shaped). The fragrance is released through an impregnated piece of corkwood lodged inside the box.

According to Carestia, these two innovations can be fragranced and customized as needed. They allow consumers to discover a fragrance and diffuse a scent throughout the day.

With a quick turnaround time, they are real sources of creativity (shapes, sizes, deco, die cuts, etc.),” said the Arcade Beauty subsidiary.