Sothys, the French beauty salon and spa specialist, is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the introduction of a new range of cosmeceuticals beauty treatment, combining the benefits of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Launched in March 2016, BX Wrinle Corrector will act as a daily micro-dose of dermo-smoothing peptides for a cosmetic botulinium toxin (Botox) effect, specifically targeting the expression lines and wrinkles caused by everyday micro facial contractions.

To reinforce the technical image of its new beauty treatment, which can be used as an alternative or as an enhancement to aesthetic dermatology Botox injections, Sothys has chosen Serumony, the high-precision packaging from Aptar Beauty + Home.

Launched in 2013, Serumony offers a breakthrough way to apply serum beauty...

Launched in 2013, Serumony offers a breakthrough way to apply serum beauty products. This airless stylus pen combines practicality, mobility and formula protection and precise dosage. - Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Guiton - Filip Falta

According to Aptar, the Serumony packaging boasts five major advantages that benefit this new generation product:

- an airless system that protects the hyper concentrated gel which is susceptible to oxidation,
- an intuitive dispensing system,
- extreme precision dosage and application enabling consumers to target the zones concerned: forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines and laughter lines,
- excellent restitution,
- a wide range of decorative possibilities.