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Aptar, Verescence, DuPont Corian: manufacturers in the wake of the Grand Musée du Parfum

It has just opened its doors in Paris, and there is already an obvious interest from the general public. At last, with the Grand Musée du Parfum, Paris has a prestigious venue dedicated to the knowledge and recognition of a most iconic French know-how. But before seducing the public at large, the initiative attracted the support of the branch’s players, who are essential to pass on their expertise and a whole set of perfumery skills. These companies are rarely in direct contact with the general public: what drove them to invest in this project, then? Sharing a passion, passing on competencies, giving more value to the field… the same words are constantly used to describe a common ambition.

Verescence, the art of bottle manufacturing

A great perfume cannot go without its glass bottle. Both share a common history: how is it possible not to feature the case with the juice? Originally, the project managers of the Grand Musée du Parfum contacted Verescence, global leader of glass bottle manufacturing for perfumes and cosmetics, whose directors immediately showed their enthusiasm to get involved as a partner. “This initiative was obviously an excellent opportunity for us, as it perfectly corresponded to our will to share our glassmaking know-how with as many people possible, and in such a prestigious venue,” explains Astrid Dulau-Vuillet, International Marketing Manager of Verescence. Now, Verescence demonstrates their expertise with creations exhibited on all floors, as well as visuals and videos on bottle manufacturing.

Almost 500 bottles are showcased in different settings, including those made in premium Xtra Blanc glass, reflecting the manufacturer’s innovation skills. “This partnership involves much effort. We have worked hand in hand with the museum’s teams, who put a lot into the project to offer a new way to present perfumery,” Astrid Dulau-Vuillet adds. “We are very proud of the result, as it conveys our passion for our trade, which embodies French excellence.

Aptar, the perfume gesture

Perfumery also involves a gesture, a ritual. To deal with the act of wearing perfume, the Museum approached Aptar, a supplier packaging and dispensing solution for cosmetics and perfumes. They did not hesitate a second to get involved.

This type of project is completely new for us as a BtoB company, but it suited our vision of the perfumery industry. There is much to do in terms of passing on our knowledge,” explains Sabine Bouillet Lubot, Strategic Marketing Manager Fragrance of the group. “The sensorial, interactive approach, the experience and ambition of the Museum to raise people’s awareness of the world of perfumes really convinced us. It is important to educate and develop the passion this theme creates in people,” she adds.

Like all partners, the company has agreed to provide financial support over a period of five years. The objective is to illustrate their know-how in several ways, in line with their creed: “one fragrance, one gesture”.

On the one hand, Aptar got involved in the artistic project of the room dedicated to the art of wearing perfume: a video and photo creation made by three artists and inspired from the quotations of renowned perfume creator Jean-Claude Ellena about “gestes des odeurs” (smell gestures), as well as data and observations Aptar was able to take from his studies conducted all around the world. On the other hand, the manufacturer made its dispensing systems available to the museum, including the new “La Petite” spray, which can be found on the 60 bottles featured on the large stairs, as well as the “Eternelle Couture” bulb atomizers, chosen to activate a digital content.

Thanks to this partnership, we have the opportunity to give more value to the gesture of perfuming, which has become quite banal,” emphasizes Sabine Bouillet Lubot. As part of their perfume-oriented activity, the Aptar group has developed a range of diffusion systems which, given its diversity and sophisticated sensoriality, helps choose the most appropriate gesture, depending on the perfume concept, whether it be a spray or an alternative gesture like a bulb or the new Note product, which revives the gesture of a direct skin application.

There are thousands of ways to wear perfume. They depend on many things, the perfume, but also the region of the world, the culture, the climate… We would like to convince our customers it is important to think about the perfume gesture they will associate with their new concept, right at the beginning,” Sabine Bouillet Lubot ensures.

DuPont Corian, the enchanted garden

Jardin des senteurs - Photo © Irène de Rosen

Jardin des senteurs - Photo © Irène de Rosen

DuPont did not hesitate either when they were asked to become a partner of the Jardin des Senteurs (Garden of Scents) of the Museum. Designed by the Projectiles agency as a field of flowers, this area stimulates the smell with an immersion in the middle of organic creations made with Corian resin. “The way our material is used is very innovative. Already recognized by creators and the general public for its sensual touch and aesthetics, here, it is associated with scents,” comments Alessandra Sabatey, Communication Officer of Corian.

With the collaboration of transformer Créa Diffusion, DuPont Corian took on the technical challenge this creation represented with a meticulous, original transformation of their panels. “As a manufacturer, we are not used to this kind of experience. But here, highlighted as a museum work of art, Corian has gone out of their comfort zone to show themselves in a different way likely to seduce the world of perfume,” Alessandra Sabatey asserts.

The Different Company and the rose

Alongside industrials, different perfume brands also committed to financially support the museum, like The Different Company: “We are delighted to support the first major initiative on Perfumery in Paris. The Grand Musée du Parfum offers a modern, aesthetic, detailed visit filled with olfactory emotions and creations. It is the place to be!” guarantees Luc Gabriel, President of the brand, whose Rose Poivrée fragrance composed by Jean-Claude Ellena in 2002 was also selected by the scientific committee to be part of the five roses of perfumer-artists offered to visitors on the Blossom installation, an “Imaginary Rosebush” created by Violette Houto, designer.

Kristel Milet


  • Grand Musée du Parfum, Jardin des senteurs - Photo © Irène de Rosen
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