After Helena Rubstein, Givenchy also entrusted Aptar beauty + home’s Serumony packaging for the launch of its new High Precision Whitening Spot Eraser serum, available since February 2015.

"We selected the Serumony package proposed by Aptar beauty + home for its many qualities, including the precision and elegance that is typical of the upmarket Doctor White10 skin care range", says Marjorie Robert-Espaze, International Marketing Director at Givenchy.

According to Aptar, Serumony actually delivers a high-tech product image and high-precision on dark spots due to:
- Perfect airless protection for its unique formula
- A high-precision application which evokes the concept of the product by enabling a precise treatment on the spots
- Perfect control of the dosage that allows a tailored application for consumers.

With its sleek and refined design, Serumony offers a rare sensory experience, with a unique, ergonomic and intuitive gesture which will delight even the most demanding consumers,” adds the company.