No cap to lose

Aptar’s new PZ Twist pump features the twist-to-lock technology eliminating the need for an overcap. The new pump’s locking/unlocking system therefore supports the brand’s commitment to sustainability by reducing waste and eliminating the risk of losing a cap on the beach or anywhere outdoors.

Made primarily of polypropylene (PP) and POM-free, the new PZ Twist pump is paired with Nuxe’s new PET bottle. The overall pack design (pump + bottle) was finished with the brand’s signature pearlescent gold color.

Consumer-friendly and e-commerce capable

According to Aptar Beauty, the new PZ Twist pump makes the product easy and convenient to use. Thanks to a new and intuitive gesture, consumers can lock and unlock the pump by twisting the actuator.

Designed with a large, comfortable fingerpad with a soft-touch effect, the pump’s usage is convenient and hygienic, for a smooth consumer experience,” said the manufacturer in a statement. PZ Twist is also available with options such as anti-slippery ribs and a protective shield, for an even more hygienic solution.

An audible click ensures that the pump is properly closed to avoid any leakage – a key feature that also guarantees its e-commerce capability. Actually, PZ Twist is safe for on-the-go usage and certified Amazon ISTA-6 [1].

In addition, PZ Twist features Aptar Beauty’s high-end PZ engine, which offers a proven spray performance, even with complex and demanding formulations.

Nuxe wanted an attractive, more sustainable pump that was easy to use – possibly with a new gesture – while keeping the same level of spray performance. PZ Twist ticked all the boxes and the interest was immediate. We designed it precisely for this kind of demand: less parts and suitable for omnichannel sales. Our innovation team successfully integrated the twist-to-lock technology into the PZ range. We are very proud of our collaboration with Nuxe and excited to see PZ Twist converting the Sun Care packaging market,” said Madalina Dragan, Marketing Director Personal Care & Home Care EMEA, Aptar Beauty.

Nuxe’s Tanning Sun Oil SPF10, SPF30 and SPF50 and Delicious Sun Spray SPF30 and SPF50 were relaunched at the start of the year in Europe, Asia and South America.