For the launch of its new soothing preservative-free skin cream Apicosma UHT and ensure maximum protection to its formula, which is sterilized at ultra-high temperatures, Melvita has chosen the Irresistible airless pump from Aptar beauty + home.

Specially designed for the most sensitive formulas, the airless technology of the Irresistible pump is complemented by a sealed, multilayer, pocket-sized bottle which keeps the product perfectly safe from external contamination and guarantees perfect hygiene

"In creating the Apicosma cream, our research & development teams strove to come up with a high level of sensoriality, with no allergy risk for sensitive skin. The Irresistible pump meets our needs since its sterile packaging offers maximum purity over time and high-performance protection for sensitive and delicate skin," explained Aline Abergel, Head of Packaging Development at Melvita.

To ensure optimal product safety, Aptar home + beauty designed an innovative valve which acts as an "airlock" at the dispensing tip and also dispenses the right dose of the product. Security is enhanced by a sterilizing filter acting as a barrier against contamination from the air.

Apicosma is available in 40-ml bottles at all Melvita stores since February 2015.