A history of innovation shaping the current market

Reboul first started filing production patent for lipsticks in the 1950s, with the development of metal lipstick solutions for Lancôme or Elizabeth Arden, before adding plastic transformation technology to its portfolio, as illustrated by the Helena Rubinstein collection early 1980s. The metal-only packaging solutions evolved towards plastic solutions and casings in the beginning of the 1980s, and soon other product lines followed and expanded, like mini carry-on perfumes, mascaras, metal makeup casing (compacts) and face stick packaging.

With a long history of successful partnerships and iconic launches, Aptar Reboul brings its experience and knowledge to inspire the future of lipstick packaging. Some iconic launches from recent years allude to creations of the past, like the 2010 Lancôme collection paying homage to the 1950s lipsticks style, or more recently the Lush lipstick, the full-metal vintage lipstick re-invented in a modern, refillable design.

Eco-designing the future of lipstick

To best meet the strong customers’ demands for more ethical, transparent and environmental-friendly products in today’s challenging and bustling beauty market, Aptar Reboul has been working on developing several sustainable options for to improve lipstick packaging as a whole:

 Developing lipsticks without resin or 100% mono-material, like full metal solutions (not only aluminum but also brass and nickel silver) with a wide array of treatments and decoration options (polishing, lacquering, anodizing…), made in-house or with trusted partners, to guarantee formula/packaging compatibility
 Refillable packaging solutions, with standard mechanisms and full packaging available, such as the latest innovation Private Refill
 Packaging made with recycled material parts
 Airtight packaging for preservative-free formulas

Aptar Reboul operates in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility built according to RT2012 standards to provide optimized energy management. Since 2017, it is labelled “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) by the French government for technical heritage and French industrial excellence and know-how.

According to Sandrine Bréchon, Innovation and Development Manager at Aptar Reboul, “we are confident about seeing a rise in lipstick launches between March and October 2022. Industry surveys show that 65% of shoppers are willing and excited to wear make-up again.” Makeup, and more specifically lipstick, has brighter days ahead!

When high quality meets sustainability

Aptar Reboul is a preferred partner of the beauty industry, widely renowned for its expertise in metal and plastic technologies. The French specialist in the design and manufacturing of high-quality metal and plastic components and casings, next-generation mechanisms and full lipstick packaging solutions - including made-to-measure or standard casings - is committed to an environmental-friendly approach to its industrial production:

 100% of the energy comes from renewable sources
 95% of on-site waste is sorted and recycled
 No external rejection and recycling of used oils
 Recycling of aluminum with a compactor project
 A strong and measurable commitment towards a more circular economy with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Driven by its luxury eco-design « savoir-faire » and passion for innovation, Aptar Reboul will continue to create the next 100 years of lipstick cases. For more information: www.aptar.com/beauty/aptar-reboul/