One year after the initial launch of the airless stylus pen, and while the first applications are reaching shelves, Aptar Beauty + Home has unveiled its different personalities during the latest Luxe Pack tradeshow in Monaco.

With Serumony Morphing, Aptar Beauty + Home offers ultra-customized illustrations. Due to the action of colour filters, the Serumony stylus pen can sometimes take on an ultra-sophisticated look and sometimes a more technological look.

Thus, Serumony Morphing displays itself as truly Personal Branding. It enables the players of the beauty world to take ownership of this unique packaging, display their positioning, adorn it in the colours of their world so that it fully becomes theirs,Aptar claims.

The various customization options feature:

- A versatile outer shell in co-polyester: coloured, lacquered or gradation lacquered
- A "crystal like" cap with different effects: coloured, lacquered, metalized, decorated with a hot-stamped border or stamped on the top of the cap
- An airless 15 ml Albion inner body with multiple finishes: coloured, lacquered, decorated 360 degrees with hot stamp film
- An actuator in ABS: coloured or galvanized
- A collar in metal available in custom colours
- A pump with multi-option collar: plastic or metal colour
- Various decoration finishes: silk screening, hot stamping or offset
- A play on the overlap between the decoration and the inner body creating an illusion.

Eventually, Serumony offers an ultra-safely on-the-go packaging due to its new lockable push-button.