For its new Orchidée Impériale Cure, Guerlain has relied on the know-how of Aptar beauty + home to supply an airless packaging that combines technical sophistication, practicality and elegance.

"This new pack was a real challenge in terms of technical aspects and deadlines. Because of the close partnership between the teams of Aptar beauty + home and Guerlain, this project was developed in record time," enthused the Guerlain project team.

A tailored development

Aptar beauty + home oversaw the beginning-to-end project management for this new package which combines special components created by a partner specialized in stamping, Tesem, with standard components from the airless range such as the pump, activator and barrel.

The special components include a body unit and a cap with extra weight. Each subassembly is comprised of an insert in coloured PP with decorated with hot stamping and a gold anodized aluminium cap, itself decorated with silk-screen printing and a base closure (with an extra weight) in gold anodized aluminium.

To facilitate the packaging, these parts are delivered in two sub-assemblies: preassembled body and cap with the bracket that ensures closure of the system. A final detail entails a specific design to minimize slack in the different components to eliminate any clearance in the package.

Adorned with gold and the Guerlain blue, the four slimline bottles - 15 ml each – in the new Orchidée Impériale Cure range slip into a presentation pouch.