"In response to the consumers’ demand for more effective products, there has been a proliferation of smart applicators in recent years," said Sandra Martins Reis, Strategic Marketing Manager for Skincare & Make-up at AptarGroup. "However, we were able to identify a series of recurring problems among the skincare pens currently available on the market: they require a two-stage use (to click or turn to release the product before applying it). Furthermore, they only deliver a standard dose, which cannot be modulated, often too important for an expert skincare," she adds.

A totally new technology

In order to solve these problems, Aptar has entirely revamped the pump’s architecture thus allowing adjustable side actuation and continuous formula dispensing.

This innovation is equipped with a soft and smooth membrane delivering a bespoke formula dose in one simple press. The more you press, the more you get.

Various skin sensations

Skin Master is also equipped with three standard tips for three different types of application and three sensations on the skin.

 Velvet touch, an elastomer applicator recreating the massaging effect of the finger.
 Cool touch, made of zamak, for a cold sensation that helps to stimulate microcirculation.
 Icy touch, a ceramic applicator producing a ice-cold sensation that is the ultimate ally of products targeting the eye contour area.

All three applicators are flexible, allowing optimal control of the application.

Thanks to its piston airless system, Skin Master guarantees a high rate of product delivery while ensuring maximum protection of the formula.

Customizable designs

Eventually, Skin Master can easily be customized by brands. Aptar offers brands the opportunity to create their own applicator designs in order to guarantee the relevance with their own formulas.

Skin Master also provides numerous decorations for bespoke finishes: plastic or metal shell finishes and a range decoration options including anodization, colouration, silk screening and labelling.