For repackaging its Nocturnal Line-up Mask, French brand Sampar chose the 50 ml Eden Compact Jar, a flagship product from Aptar beauty + home.

Sampar, the pioneer of urban cosmetics was attracted by the unique characteristics of the Eden Compact Jar which combines the performance of an airless product with the ease of using a jar, delivering optimum comfort for consumers,” says Aptar in a release.

Sampar reproduced the aesthetic codes of the previous packaging of the mask, but it also wished to combine the qualities of a pump dispenser with an extremely innovative method of use, reminiscent of the sensuality of a jar.

Be in an airless pump, Eden Compact Jar has a piston system for easy and accurate dosing while providing maximum protection of the formula in terms of hygiene and preservation thanks to as top-valve system that prevents the cream from drying out between two uses.

Moreover, Eden Compact Jar provides a very gentle actuation force for a graceful ergonomic dispensing action: by simply pressing the button located on the actuator, the dose is dispensed into the cup and the consumer can then use their finger to apply the product.