The brand called upon the expertise of Aptar beauty + home to develop a new type of package for its Abeille Royale Serum.

The main challenge that Aptar beauty + home teams had to face was to replace the previous system without changing the bottle, in order to respect the product’s design.

The complete kit developed by Aptar beauty + home has a built-in Evolution engine, or Alpha engine, topped with a dedicated PCTA metallized push button actuator engraved with a bee. This is combined with a screw insert with a stopper fitted with a metallized ABS hoop.

In order to make our Abeille Royale Serum as easy as possible to use, we wanted to replace the pipette dispensing system with a more practical pump that would be easier for consumers to use. Ideal for the fluid, creamy texture of the serum, the Evolution pump met our quality requirements and was simple and easy to use, reinforcing the feeling of freshness and sensory appeal of the product,” the Guerlain Project team explains.

Aptar beauty + home said they had to resolve several technical difficulties linked to the metallization of a PCTA component exposed to the formula and to the tension of metallized surfaces (top of the push button, flat sides of the hoop) in order to guarantee a perfect finish.

Launched in the spring, Guerlain’s new packaging for its Abeille Royale Serum is available in two sizes: 30 ml (1 fl oz) and 50 ml (1.7 fl oz).