The company, which was funded in 2018 with the purpose of supporting innovation projects through biotechnological and sustainable ingredients for the agribusiness, has launched a beauty and personal care business unit.

"It is a dynamic, innovative sector and in permanent search for new trends and increasingly sensitive to new technologies that allow the creation and development of effective products, aligned with responsible consumption and production, boosting the sustainable economy", said Bruno Carillo, Managing Director of Apoena Biotech. "Our goal is to contribute to this movement in order to balance with authenticity purpose and profit", he added.

The name “Apoena” derives from the tupi-guarani language and means "the one who sees far". With this in mind, the company’s aim is to make biotechnology accessible to all, effectively acting on inclusive and sustainable solutions for the ecosystem.

The company’s portfolio proposal is based on 100% sustainable and efficacy proven ingredients. According to Apoena, actives created and developed from biotechnology are “greener” than plant-based ingredients since they are derived from microorganisms. They also have a low environmental impact and do not need to monitor and control plant growth, harvest and extraction.

"The control of biotech products is in bioreactors where they are produced, following parameters of pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, among others, ensuring reproducibility, high quality standard and performance suitable for application as prebiotics, probiotics or postbiotics," explained Juliana Nakayama, Bioprocess Manager at Apoena Biotech.

Apoena Biotech believes that biotechnology is already the future-leading technology for a new economic model that aims to balance the financial success, well-being of society and the planet. “Its interchangeability, competitive prices, effectiveness and low environmental impact at this time provoke a new wave of innovation that will change the way we idealize, develop, produce, formulate, apply, inform, educate and consume actives for CT&F, opening opportunities for industry and consumers in dialogues about Biotech Beauty", concluded Bruno Carillo.