First awarded in April 2009 with the Alufoil Trophy awarded by The European Aluminium Foil Association, Lablabo has now won recognition in a worldwide competition with this Worldstar Packaging Award given by the WPO for the Easyfoil an airless pouch dispenser meant for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Novelty is the association of the aluminium foil advantages and a cylindrical shape which makes filling extremely easy. Actually this pre-formed pouch has got its final volume before filling and will not not be deformed during filling process. It can be filled by gravity without any specific handling (like in the case of vacuum filling) and by all standard filling machines.

Furthermore, foils without glue are preferred in order to prevent any difficulty coming from leachables and delamination that could occur with usual foils.

But the major advantage of this pouch is the very high protection of the product against oxygen, UV lights and evaporation. Combined with the venting circuit (air return between the outside of the pouch and the bottle) patented by Lablabo, which is totally obturated when the pump is on the rest position (i.e. during shelf life), this system is the answer to the preservation of complicated formulas containing sensitive active molecules. The full protection of the product from external contamination allows to reduce, even eliminate or use less agressive preservatives.

« Winning an award gives encouragement to the Lablabo team who has dedicated much time and energy to this project. Its also means that our strategic innovative choices are recognized and reinforced » said Jean-Philipp Taberlet, Lablabo’s CEO.

Two international patents have been applied for Easyfoil pouch.