Anomatic, a global supplier of anodized components for the cosmetic, beauty and health care, pharmaceutical, and spirits industries, has completed the comprehensive sustainability plan the company initiated in 2008 to reduce energy, waste, water and air pollution while significantly increasing the its ability to recycle and reuse materials.

The company’s plant and equipment have been improved:

- up to 40% of process water is recycled and reused,
- a new closed cycle vapour technology cleaning system installed in September 2009, allows to reduces by 92% the quantity of carbon based energy required for an equivalent cleaning of raw parts prior to anodizing, it also allows to recover 80% to 90% of stamping oil for reuse,
- the waste water treatment system has been upgraded to lower the use of chemicals,
- an air scrubber technology removes more than 98% of nitrogen oxides, operating at less than 40% of EPA permits.

Anomatic is committed to being a socially responsible partner – striving for sustainable development by optimizing current technologies and ongoing research and development,” offers Mark A. Ormiston, Anomatic’s Director of Research & Development.

Anomatic’s purpose was also to address customers’ needs to produce products to meet stringent consumer demand.