Annemarie Börlind has chosen the exclusive Airless Systems, combined with TAG Techno Airless Glass bottles by Lumson, to launch the new Anti‐Stress System Creams ZZ Sensitive, which targets people with sensitive skin, the number of which has increased massively in the past few years.

The main innovation is a prebiotic/probiotic complex consisting of oligosaccharides derived from yacón, beetroot and corn, and of freeze‐ dried lactic acid bacteria. This special complex regulates the skin flora. A further key ingredient is golden orchid, whose soothing effect is only one of its many qualities.

However, the products in the ZZ range have not only changed “inside”. On the outside, their packaging has also been redesigned.

For the ZZ Sensitive creams studied specifically for those skins in need of regeneration, Annemarie Börlind has selected the airless bottle TAG 355 in frosted glass with capacity 50mL with airless pouch system, totally customizable. To enhance the product and underline the action of this anti‐stress system, Annemarie Börlind lacquered the bottle inside choosing a simple white, and decorated with 2 passes screen printing, in order to exalt the simplicity of the packaging. The UV metalized shiny silver Airless Pump Smart AA355 is combined with a transparent finish of the AA355 overcap in SAN.

We’ve taken this opportunity to revise our packaging design a little, and to formulate our product claims more clearly for our customers. Usage and effects are to be more easily recognizable in future, so that customers can find their way around the shelves themselves if necessary,” explains Nicolas Lindner, the brand’s marketing director. “With our revised product design, we want to our express more strongly our brand promise and our guiding principles: scientific pioneering spirit, embodied value and responsible handling of natural resources,” he adds.