The European Commission and the cosmetics industry presented their joint financial effort for research into alternative safety testing methods, at the VII World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences in Rome (August 30 - September 3, 2009).

The European cosmetic industry, represented by the European Cosmetics Association (Colipa), responded to the European Commission, who launched a EUR 25 million call for proposals in this field and, committed to give the same amount of support. As a result, up to EUR 50 million will be allocated to research projects laying the scientific foundation for future safety testing methods with a higher predictive value, and that will be faster and cheaper than animal tests.

The call for proposals focuses on "repeated dose systemic toxicity". It is about predicting the toxicity of the repeated use, over a long period of time, of substances including those that are mainly used in cosmetic products.

Thanks to the co-operation between the European Commission and Colipa, the projects selected can be funded up to 100% of their total eligible costs. For each proposal evaluated and selected by the European Commission, the cosmetic industry is committed to providing additional equivalent funding.

The deadline of the call for proposals is 3 February 2010. The projects selected will be announced in spring 2010.