Enrica & Renato Ancorotti, Ancorotti Cosmetics

Enrica & Renato Ancorotti, Ancorotti Cosmetics

Premium Beauty News - Just a short flashback. The adventure starts in May 2009.

Renato Ancorotti - It only took a few weeks to change an ordinary building situated in one of the industrial estates of Crema (Italy) to a unit at the cutting edge of technology for the mascara manufacturer. Everything went very fast thanks, of course, to our experience, but mostly to our customers confidence.

May I remind you that the plant is located on a site covering 3000 m2, including 2600 m2 dedicated to production and the remaining 400 m2 serving a laboratory and sales and marketing offices.

From the start, Enrica and I had anticipated our progression!

And we were right! Because in spite of the crisis, Ancorotti Cosmetics nonetheless managed to make more than one million euros in turnover for mascara during the first six months, and since the beginning of 2010, our orders recorded a sharp increase and we are expecting to make nearly five million euros in turnover.

Premium Beauty News - Such a progression requires equipment!

Renato Ancorotti - Indeed. And here, we have what it takes. Currently our production capacity is of 1400 kg per day (140 000 pieces per day and the implementation of 5 machines) which will reach next June 1900 kg per day (190 000 pieces per day and 6 machines). And when I say "day", I mean "8 hours" production which leaves us, as you can imagine, a consistent margin of progression.

And we have already planned to double our production capacity within two years with 3800 kg per day: a strike force of not less than 12 machines.

The whole plant has been designed from the outset, to absorb future capacity increases.

We are also currently installing on our biggest production machines an automatic system for charging raw material; this sophisticated equipment, working in a close loop, composed of carbon steel or stainless steel pipes will be operational next June.

Indistrial equipment: Turbo 1000kg Fusore 500

Indistrial equipment: Turbo 1000kg Fusore 500

We also bought a latest generation new automatic filling line for mascaras and other liquid products which can make particularly sophisticated designs and patterns in two colors in the same container which is provoking genuine enthusiasm from our customers. Outputs for this machine are also quite impressive since it can produce on manual charge, over 24000 pieces daily in one color (i.e. 50 pieces per minute) and 5000 bicolor pieces daily and when on automatic charge and for a single color, performances are increased to 38000 pieces daily (80 parts per minute).

Last but not the least, an assembly machine multi pack (5000 pieces) and a labelling machine (8000 to 12000 pieces depending on sizes).

Premium Beauty News - In the coming months and more particularly at Cosmoprof Bologna and MakeUp in Paris, what novelties do you plan unveiling?

Enrica Ancorotti - We would like to save the surprise for our customers for these two events, knowing that we’ll introduce new textures and new finishes derived from new technologies.