Mascara specialist

For Renato and Enrica Ancorotti, the founders of Ancorotti Cosmetics, the adventure started a few months ago is definitely a success. “It started in 2008, explains Enrica Ancorotti, a year to be really remembered as a pivotal year for us, made of major changes and important decisions. Because it is truly our passion for the world of beauty that led us to create this new company specialized in the production of mascara. During the 2009/2010 period, it is clear that we encountered quite a few difficulties, but also a lot of satisfactions, especially thanks to our customers confidence.

In any case, the year 2010 was dynamic enough to enable the company to exceed its objectives with a turnover of EUR 5.5 million in the end. A year during which the production capacity per team was of 1,900 kg allowing the filling of some 60,000 units/packagings.

Objectives: foundation and lipgloss

In 2011 we are planning to ramp up the capacity to 2900 Kg per team, explained Enrica Ancorotti, allowing the filling of 90,000 units/packs.

The projected turnover for 2011 is of EUR 12 million.

To note that 95% of the turnover for 2010 concerns the sale of mascara (bulk and full service). The remaining 5% concerns the marketing of other eye products.

In 2011 we will concentrate the same way we did with mascara, on the other two products that help increase customer loyalty and are among best sellers in the world, namely foundation/concealers and lip glosses/liquid products for lips.