This new collection of 16 unique packaging solutions renews our offering with strong aesthetic choices and the use of materials that were diverted from their common use. Our goal is to provide consumers with a unique experience by transforming packs into true objects, while reinforcing festive gestures,Sarah Perrin Mathieu, Open-Innovation Manager of Anaïk told Premium Beauty News.

Collaterals, gift boxes and calendars

Divided into three families of products – collaterals, boxes and calendars – the new collection aims to stand out not only by enhancing the brands’ products, but also by giving a new meaning to the packaging, by making it a part of consumers’ daily life.

Thus, Anaïk’s new range of collateral packs (Christmas Tiny Houses, Kraft Wheels, Corrugated Christmas Balls, Hanging Kraft Cracker) was designed as a set of decorative objects. The Tiny House collateral, for instance, can be used as a candle holder to dress up festive the tables of the holiday season.

Anaïk has made this format one of its priorities. “Collaterals already spotlighted in 2022 because they are cheaper than full size gift boxes. In a context of tight household budgets, they remain on the rise and we want to help brands integrate them into their marketing strategy.

As far as gift boxes are concerned, the company turned to Plexiglas, a material that is not usual for this type of packaging solution. “In this saturated market, we wanted to make a difference with a material diverted from its classic use and strong enough to allow reuse over time,” said Sarah Perrin Mathieu. Anaïk’s Cubic Plexi Box, for instance, can easily transform into a jewellery box.

Finally, Anaïk also launched a series of Advent and post-season calendars to help brands create engagement with their customers all through the holiday season. “The post-Christmas calendar allows brands to extend the festive moment until the end of the year. With seven boxes only, it is also less expensive than an advent calendar,” she added.

To become a key player in packaging

With this new ultra-premium packaging collection launched in September in its showrooms in Paris and Villeneuve-d’Ascq, as well as in its sales offices around the world and in October at Luxe Pack Monaco, Anaïk wants to win over beauty brands, which already represent 65% of its turnover. The new collection also meets the needs of spirits and fine food brands.

Specializing in fabric and sewn gifts for 50 years, we want to become a key player in the manufacturing and design of low carbon impact luxury packaging. With this new launch, our goal is to increase the share of packaging to 15% of our overall turnover by 2025 and 25% by 2030,” said Anaïk’s CEO, Frédéric Delloye, in a statement.

A mission-driven company with B Corp certification and EcoVadis Platinum label, Anaïk works with long-term Asian industrial partners selected after a stringent purchasing process. However, manufacturing in France or Europe is also possible for certain products.