An art concept by Sylvie de France

Sens is a new bottle in the perfume collection of bottles of Steklarna Hrastnik, which was created by renowned designer Sylvie de France. About her design bottle vision, Sylvie says: “This perfume bottle is inspired by the old apothecary bottles of perfumers. It’s simple and balanced shape recalls the apothecary aesthetics, which is greatly desired in selective perfumery. It is possible to simply decorate the upper part around the collar, add labels or textile accessories so that it becomes more enhanced with stronger personality. Absolutely an iconic bottle.

New volumes are on their way

Steklarna Hrastnik perfume bottles is the latest and unique collection of attractive flacons for luxury perfumery and cosmetic market. The design guideline is pure and target customers whose products require brilliance and perfection of glass. All items can be customized through comprehensive decoration techniques, which result in stunning visual effects. The volumes produced are tailored to customers’ needs. Sens represents a refreshment and enrichment of the Perfume collection, now comprising 12 bottles.

The combination of different bottle versions in the future will satisfy a wide range of customers. New perfume bottle will be available in volumes of 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml.

Take a look at the Sens bottle video available at

Solutions & services flexibly driven by customer needs

All Steklarna Hrastnik’s premium glass bottles are created and manufactured in a modern and fully automatic production unit, which specialises in the production of high-end packaging glass in extra white flint, completely free of heavy metals. Production can be adapted to suit clients’ needs, producing smaller or larger quantities while maintaining premium quality. This enables brands to grow with them as their own market grows.

Main focuses are on flexible and excellent service, short time to the market and tailor-made solutions. The company offers full range of services, from idea to development, from design to delivery and from clear glass to decorated gem.