Caroline Hadfield, Senior Vice President, Personal Care, at Amyris

Amyris, a U.S. based supplier of specialty ingredients sourced from bioscience, has won a SEPAWA Innovation Award 2015 for its new Neossance Hemisqualane emollient, a sugarcane-derived sustainable alternative to silicones.

The SEPAWA’s annual awards recognize new, high-impact ingredients that are expected to have a disruptive effect on the industry. SEPAWA is one of the largest industry associations in Europe whose members are experts in the detergents/cleansers, cosmetics and perfume industries. Amyris’s European cosmetic distributor, Safic-Alcan accepted the award on Amyris’s behalf after giving a presentation on Neossance Hemisqualane at the SEPAWA Congress in Fulda, Germany.

The ingredient was awarded for its superior performance as an ingredient in skin, hair and sun care, as well as makeup products.

"We are honoured to receive this award highlighting the high quality and performance of Neossance Hemisqualane, our renewable personal care ingredient," said Caroline Hadfield, Senior Vice President, Personal Care, at Amyris. "Overall, Amyris’s growing portfolio of squalane and hemisqualane-based personal care products are achieving recognition for providing our formulator partners and consumers with the opportunity to use innovative new products with better performance than traditional alternatives and with an added benefit of being better for our planet. Our personal care product sales are experiencing unprecedented growth for Amyris as we further penetrate the global personal care market."

The SEPAWA award follows Amyris’s recent achievement of certification by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) Cosmetic standard - 22716 for Good Manufacturing Standards (GMP) with its manufacturing partner, Glycotech.