Tracing the ’perfume-route’ East, Amouage, the Oman-based global luxury fragrance House, has announced its debut on Tmall Global with a range of its most famous items including Epic, Dia, Honour, and Memoir and the recently released power-duo, Boundless and Material. In order to expand its distribution throughout China, the company has signed a partnership with Hong Kong-based S’Young International Trading Company Limited.

According to Amouage, there is a growing appetite for artisanal, niche and luxury fragrances in China. With its expansion, Amouage is poised to cater to the country’s perfume connoisseurs who are increasingly resonating with creations offering bolder notes and longer lasting trails.

"It is our quest to create true masterpieces and share them with discerning fragrance-lovers around the world. Following the consolidation of creation and manufacturing operations at our flagship facility in Muscat in 2020, and the recent opening of our sales hub in Dubai and subsidiary in the US, the decision to expand Amouage’s presence into China is the next logical step in our international growth strategy," said Marco Parsiegla, Chief Executive Officer of Amouage. "China is at the heart of an important region and as commerce continues to flow Eastwards, we look forward to adding our unique character to its fragrance narrative. With S’Young, we have found a partner with expertise, experience, and most importantly, with a team that is as passionate about fragrance as we are."

Amouage’s portfolio includes over 50 perfumes, composed by recognized perfumers in Paris, Grasse, Geneva and New York. The company reported that its Epic Woman fragrance, which was launched in 2009, has been consistently ranked amongst the top three niche fragrances on NOSETIME, one of China’s leading online fragrance guide platforms.