The Korean beauty conglomerate and the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have developed first intelligent tactile sensor that is capable of measuring skin sensations. Calling this innovation a “world’s first”, the two organizations expect the digitalization of human skin sensations will spark innovation in the beauty industry, in particular for the development of cosmetics with finetuned textures.

The new intelligent tactile sensor combines machine learning with measurement technology thus enabling it to recognize the temperature, moisture levels, and even the type of beauty solution used by the person and then convert this information into digital values.

According to Amorepacific, the ultra-thin sensor is flexible, withstands external pressure and stays intact, allowing the stable measurement of skin senses while adhered to the skin. “This remarkable feat was achieved in collaboration with Professor Ko Hyun-hyub and his team at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), where they have cutting-edge technology for the sensor that mimics human skin,” said the group in a statement.

The intelligent tactile sensor co-developed by Amorepacific and...

The intelligent tactile sensor co-developed by Amorepacific and UNIST

Amorepacific has spent years working on digitizing and quantifying the subjective human senses. Park Young-ho, Head of R&I Center at Amorepacific said, "Now, we are able to provide verified and reliable results by comparing the cool and warm sensations of cosmetics for evaluation. We will continue to further secure data using advanced technology and bring about innovations through research."

The results of the corresponding studies were published online in ACS Nano (IF:15.881) on January 12, 2022: "Flexible Pyroresistive Graphene Composites for Artificial Thermosensation Differentiating Materials and Solvent Types".