AmorePacific continues to consolidate its leadership in the cushion market. The South Korean cosmetics leader claims that sales of cushions have exceeded the 100-million unit globally, since the technology was launched almost a decade ago. The mark was reached in the third quarter of 2016.

Cushion is a makeup product in a compact format with a specially designed urethane foam saturated with a hybrid formula of foundation, sunscreen or skincare. Since the release of IOPE Air Cushion in 2008, AmorePacific has offered diverse cushion products from its 15 brands to meet varying customer needs, thus transforming the way women wear face makeup and positioning Korea as a global beauty trendsetter.

In 2015 AmorePacific’s cushion sales surpassed 33 million units alone and the group sold one cushion every second worldwide.

Patented technology

In July 2015, to support the development of cushion technologies and their global dispersion, AmorePacific established the Cushion Lab (C-Lab), a specialized research unit within its Research Center. Now in its 4th generation, AmorePacific’s Cushion has been upgraded with 3D Sponge (which consistently releases the same amount of formula) and Ultra-fine Dispersion technologies.

AmorePacific’s Cushion technology is globally recognized with 177 patent applications and 26 registered patents as of October 2016.