Serena Williams

At the top of the list, Ms Serena Williams: in the beginning, she was Venus Williams’s little sister. In 5 years she broke into the exclusive club of the top 50 best-paid athletes in the world. She accumulated a fortune worth more than $225 million dollars, and she invested in 34 startups specialized in Personal Care. Serena’s investments target companies created by women and minorities. With an average investment of $250,000, she’s mostly interested in very young start-ups.

Kylie Jenner - Kylieskin

To be honest, I didn’t really have any urge to discover Kylieskin, thinking it was just another basic, unimaginative line. Don’t be fooled. The new line is limited: the renowned walnut scrub that caused a furor even before its launch, and a moisturizer. The products are simple and easy to use. The foam cleanser is light and soft, the tonic is vanilla scented... 6 affordable and sensuous products. Rumer has it a line of sun products will arrive. And for soon a line of babycare.

At only 21, Kylie Jenner has become the youngest millionaire in history [1] thanks to the success of Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2015 ($1 billion), surpassing her half-sister Kim Kardashian who is regulated to second place with her estimated $370 million...

Kathy Fields and Katy Rodan: Rodan + Fields Skincare

These two dermatologists from Standford University created in 1995 the bestseller of the 90’s - Proactive Solution - an acne treatment that was bought by Estée Lauder. A short experience with the luxury distribution. Twelve years ago, the two dermatologists relaunch Rodan + Fields. Their brand is now sold by 300,000 ambassadors. Their fortune is estimated at $1.5 billion each.


Rihanna makes a stunning entrance in the group with Fenty Beauty, an immediate success estimated at $600 million in less than a year. The launch of her fashion line in partnership with LVHM and her line of lingerie Savage X Fenty will consolidate her success.

Karissa Bodnare - Thrive Causemetics

Created in 2015, Thrive Causemetics stems from a story of friendship. When she lost Kristy, her best friend, from cancer at age 24, Karissa imagined Thrive Causemetics, a charitable vegan makeup line. Karissa has already donated over a million of her beauty products to women’s groups. She is among the newest to the group, and her fortune is estimated at $275 million.

Lululemon Selfcare

Here is a new category - the leisure-athlete which has a lot of potential. In 1988, Lululemon Athletica was created by Denis Wilson, a champion. Lululemon was quickly adopted by sports specialists... and sweat addicts.

The company offers technical, innovative textiles that are adapted for yoga and running, as well as accessories such as mats or backpacks. The clothes enable you to stretch. No more jogging pants and floppy teeshirts. The style is associated with the innovative material. Lululemon Selfcare completes and compliments the products, the line is small and efficient and enables you to go from the gym to the office to a dinner party with friends.

Among the 80 women who make up the list, one third made it in under a year! The beauty and selfcare market reserves many surprises for us.