The Fragrance Foundation has named Amber Our, from By Kilian, winner of 2013 Indie FiFi Award. The announcement was made at the annual award presentation hosted by Elements Showcase on Monday, January 28, 2013.

This Indie award celebrates innovation and I find it one of the more exciting areas in the fragrance industry today,” said Elizabeth Musmanno, President of The Fragrance Foundation. “The Fragrance Foundation is proud to support the efforts of these innovators.

An “Indie” fragrance brand is defined as an established brand that has been on the market for at least two years, is not distributed or owned by a large company and is sold in 1 to 50 stores in the U.S. The award - in its second year - recognizes creativity, artistry and the entrepreneurial spirit.

The judging panel members were: Paul Austin, President (Austin Advisory Group), Anne-Marie Guarnieri, Senior Beauty Editor (Allure Magazine), Virginia Bonofiglio, Chairperson, Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing (FIT), Raymond Matts (The Art of Perfumery), Emily Dougherty, Beauty Director (Elle Magazine), Lucy Raubertas (Indie Perfumes), Gaia Fishler (The Non-Blonde), Bruce E. Teitelbaum, CEO (RPG), Ann Gottlieb, President (Ann Gottlieb Associates, Inc.), Rayda Vega, Consultant (Aromadyn).

The five finalists for the 2013 Indie Award (in alphabetical order) were:

- Amber Oud (By Kilian, Inc.)
- Cuirelle (Ramon Monegal Perfumes Barcelona)
- No. 30 Eau d’Hiver (Le Cherche Midi)
- Rima XI (Carner Barcelona)
- Terrasse à St-Germain (Jul et Mad)