Amalia Marciano - Pacific World Corporation

Amalia Marciano - Pacific World Corporation

Premium Beauty News - For those who do not know Pacific World Corporation, can you tell a word about your company?

Amalia Marciano - Pacific World Corporation subcontracts the manufacture and distribution of artificial nails (Nailene, Fing’rs, Revlon), of Revlon licensed false eyelashes, of cosmetic products for teens and tweens (GeoGirl, Fing’rs and Crayola licensed products) and the exclusive distribution of Bio-Oil (South African anti-stretch marks products).

Premium Beauty News - What does the year 2011 look like, for your sector and more specifically your activity? And what are the prospects for 2012?

Amalia Marciano - 2011 looks quite bright and we should post positive results, the company also acquired Fing’rs Europe located in Zurich (Switzerland). Many launches are expected in 2012 for all the brands mentioned above.

Premium Beauty News - You are launching new products at an impressive pace!

Amalia Marciano - In fact, launches never stop because the distribution network is the mass market with some temporary launches (displays) in seasonal departments at Wal-Mart, CVS... artificial nails require a rotation of the different designs every six months.

Premium Beauty News - Who are your main suppliers?

Amalia Marciano - For cost reasons, our suppliers are mainly located in Asia because margins on our products are quite high (our own margins and the margins of our key accounts).

Premium Beauty News - What did you think of this first edition of MakeUp in New York?

Amalia Marciano - I really enjoyed the show’s set up and presentation. Offers from exhibitors suited my expectations in terms research and requirements. The show was an opportunity to establish good contacts and there is already a follow up on some of them.