Philippe Faure, Director of Operations, Alpol

Philippe Faure, Director of Operations, Alpol

Alpol has recently obtained a conformity certification to ISO 22716 on good manufacturing practices in cosmetics. The French company who is specialized in the development of formulas, the manufacturing and packaging of cosmetics, has also completely renovated its production site, with in particular the creation of airlocks and the installation of an overpressure air filtering system. "We have raised our standards of production to a level much higher than what is required and usually practiced in cosmetics," explains Philippe Faure, Director of Operations.

Alpol, which is currently achieving 70% of its turnover in "aesthetic" cosmetics and 30% in dermo-cosmetics, also intends to significantly expand its business in this second segment. The objective being to manage to balance evenly the two poles within the group. In parallel to its pink brand, Alpol Cosmétique, the company has also developed a blue brand, Alpol Dermo-Cosmétique, and launched a range of five technical products, with a high concentration in objectified actives.

Efficiency and pleasure

Main asset of the French company in the dermo-cosmetic segment: an expertise in pleasure textures inherent to cosmetics. "There are a lot of sub-contractors from the pharmacy sector in this market. They most often focus on actives but don’t always offer textures suiting the expectations of brand’s marketing services," emphasised Faure. "Given the strong competition in this market, brands can no longer afford to be weak on either point. Consumers expect products that are safe and efficient but they also want to see formulas with some galenic innovation in them to increase their comfort in use."

A segment that follows very specific patterns, where the inclination for natural things is not as strong as in other cosmetics markets, even if eco-design remains a major concern, and where practices can be sometimes very close the pharmaceutical sector, in particular for the development of medical devices.

Alpol, which employs 80 people, posted a turnover of 10.5 million euros in 2011 (fiscal year ending in September), up 21% over the previous year and exports its formulas in ten European countries and to the Middle East. The company who took part to the latest edition of Cosmoprof Asia also wants to continue its development in Asia.