Ecology and seniors, the two latest ranges of Alpol Cosmétique aim to address the two main trends structuring modern developed societies.

The “Ec(h)-logical” range features six eco-designed products: “Onde de Choc”, an anti-pollution cream, “Bruissement de feuilles”, a plant-based and organic harmonising fluid, “Pluie vivifiante”, an eco-labelled shower gel for the body and the hair, “Souffle du vent”, a light make-up remover , “Écho des montagnes”, a mineral revitalizing body serum, and “Harmonie des mondes”, an organic and fair trade solidified oil. The entire range is packaged with eco-friendly materials such as a single-material recyclable vial, “Doypack”-type refilling sachets, a 12% plant-based plastic jar, and a refilling jar. “While being designed for minimizing carbon emissions, and minimizing the use of energy and natural resources, reducing the bio-toxicity and enhancing the shift towards sustainable development, the Ec(h)-logical range is also a focusing on pleasure to use,” explains Philippe Faure, Alpol’s Operations director.

Apol’s second novelty is the “60+” range. “We have developed a skincare range for women after 60 years of age, because their skin has very specific needs,” says Stéphanie Gruselle, Head of Marketing and Sales. The range features seven products: « Active Day 60 + », « Ideal Night 60 + », « Eternal Skin 60 + Duo», « Radiance Elixir 60 + », "Perfect Seduction", "Fresh Eyes", "Sensual regard"