Nina Ricci’s new Christmas coffret, made by Alliora, delves into the couture house’s Parisian identity.

Signed Alliora, the 2012 coffret stood out with its micro-punched decor and 2D effect. The same spirit graces the 2013 version of the coffret. This year, to showcase a decor that recalls the famed Parisian facade, Alliora opted for a hollow lid and printed plate at the coffret’s bottom that is pasted on the back of the lid. This gives a relief effect and depth to the facade while creating the illusion of entering the intimate setting of an avenue Montaigne salon.

Inside the coffret, an eau de toilette and ancillary product are nestled in lined wedges featuring a decorated wedge concealer.

This high added-value case is meant to become a keepsake—either treasure chest, sewing box or a home for doll’s clothes—a way for the brand to create a more lasting connection with its clients of all ages,Alliora highlights.

Technical details:

Base printed in a single colour per sku with shiny UV varnish on PET paper.
Lid: multi-color glossy varnish impression with hot-stamped shades for each range.
Interior plate: multi-colored silkscreen printing with contrasting shiny UV varnish.

Alliora, together with Packetis, forms the graphics division of the Iléos group. With its 124 million euros in sales in 2012, 8 production sites and global expertise, it is a leader in France on the carton packaging market (cases, coffrets, wedges and leaflets) for the pharmacy and cosmetics sectors.