If the results of the survey commissioned by the organizers of ALL4Pack [1] are to be believed, the health crisis has certainly consolidated the role of packaging in terms of product safety among French (with a significant generational gap, as 66% of senior citizens consider that packaging is “extremely useful” or “very useful” compared to 22% among 18 to 24-year-olds), but the aspiration for more packaging durability remains strong.

Today, despite the pandemic, 1 out of 2 French people continue to buy products with less packaging, compared to 8/10 previously.

The findings of the survey furthermore show that a substantial majority of the French (61%) believe that manufacturers do not make enough effort in the design of sustainable packaging. Nevertheless, there is no evidence of a “red card” from consumers. The majority of those surveyed placed themselves in the “probably” positive or negative categories illustrating an absence of certainty in this area, undoubtedly owing to lack of knowledge about the actions taken by manufacturers.

Packaging will always be necessary. It is essential, but it has arrived at the end of a cycle. Its reinvention is for the future. Many innovations are emerging from manufacturers, but the general public is sadly unaware of them,” comments Olivia Milan, director of All4Pack.

Packaging therefore needs to be reinvented and the 2020 edition of All4Pack will thus be placed under the sign of change and sustainable development.

Several innovations in sustainability will therefore be presented at the show:

- Invention of a new recycled raw material made up of 100% recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene, the world’s most-used material in the world for packaging) from post-consumption products;
- Biodegradable packaging made from a new bio-based material which can be used as compost for agriculture;
- Packaging that can be reused up to 1,000 times to fulfil the needs of e- commerce;
- An innovative chemical recycling process to recycle mixed and contaminated plastics.

For better visibility and a more fluid visitor itinerary, this year the various offers from exhibitors will be presented by material : wood, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass.

The All4Pack show will offer many special highlights as well as a rich and comprehensive series of talks and events:

- A comprehensive series of talks on sectorial issues, including new regulations and the circular economy.
- The latest trends by material, packaging and intra-logistics innovations to understand the revolution that is taking place in the All4Pack Innovations area.
- Meetings with the actors of change and exchanges on the virtuous practices of the circular economy on the new Objective Zero Impact forum.
- A place for meetings and dialogue on 4.0 technologies and machine solutions, for the benefit of the environment, people and the industrial performance of companies. All happening at Le LAB By Geppia, Hall 7.