The latest edition of the Cosmopack tradeshow, which was held in Bologna, Italy, on 14-17 March 2019, was strongly shaped by the green revolution which has taken the cosmetics industry by storm over the last few months.

Recycled paper fibres

In this context, the Alkos Group presented a brand new technological innovation consisting of cellulose pencils made from recycled paper fibres. “An ecological alternative to plastic of course but also to wood, a natural resource to protect,” explains Alkos.

According to the French manufacturer, these pencils made of up to 95% bio-based materials can be sharpened as easily as wood or plastic pencils while being compostable and recyclable. For optimal durability, they can be combined with a biobased or recycled plastic cap.

Wide variety of formulas

In terms of formulation the main advantage is that these cellulose-made pencils can be filled with either 100% natural formulas or long-lasting waterproof formulas requiring an airtight container.

Concretely, Alkos proposes three typologies of different formulas for these pencils:

- Natural Beauty, natural and/or organic formulas (Cosmos Organic certification),
- Natural Smooth Intensity, natural formulas with intense pay off,
- Mad Matte, long lasting waterproof formulas.

All these formulas are available for the eyes, eyebrows and lips.

Customizable pencils

As far as customization is concerned, two shades of cellulose tubes are available, black or raw. All the possibilities of decoration of the outside of the pencil are available and the cap can also be customized on demand.

It’s a true innovative solution for a sustainable and ecological recycling,” highlights Laura Mariani, Marketing Manager of the Alkos Group.