Algafiller [1] is extracted from Codium tomentosum, a chlorophycean macroalgae with a coenocytic structure consisting in a single giant cell with a strong capacity healing and regeneration. Algafiller contains sulfated mannan and arabinogalactan, two polysaccharides that are recognized for their moisturizing properties.

100% natural origin lipo-filler

This 100% natural ingredient, free from preservative and compatible with a vegan claim, is obtained by “auto -hydrolysis” of the polysaccharides contained in the seaweed. This process patented by Agrimer enhances the solubilization and bioavailability of polysaccharides by reducing their size.

This new generation filler addresses lipoatrophy, a loss of adipose tissue that occurs with age. The decrease in the number and size of adipocytes linked to aging leads to a loss of volume in the face: dark circles and cheeks become hollow, the facial oval sags, and wrinkles looks bigger and skin folds.

Substantiated claims

The benefits of Algafiller (filler effect, lipofilling, improved firmness, increased in dermal density, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines of crow’s feet) have been objectified by a series of in vitro and in vivo tests.

Tested in vivo on human adipocytes Algafiller has shown its ability to increase the differentiation of preadipocytes into adipocytes:

- Lipogenic effect: +130% at 0.3% Algafiller (compared to the control);
- Increase in adiponectin synthesis: +212% at 0.1% Algafiller (compared to the control).

An ex vivo test on human skin explants has shown that Algafiller (at 0.1%) boosts the synthesis of the extracellular matrix (neosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans - GAGs) by +29% in the skin’s tissues (compared to the control).

Several in vivo tests [2] have made it possible to objectify different claims:

- Crow’s feet smoothing (LifeViz Micro image analysis), -12.3% of wrinkle volume;
- Smoothing of the nasolabial fold (LifeViz Micro image analysis): -22.2% of the nasolabial fold;
- Plumps up the cheek volume (LifeViz Micro image analysis), +6% plumping effect;
- Increase in skin tonicity (measured by cutometry), +15.2% skin firmness;
- Redensification of the dermis (ultrasound measurement), +17.3% dermal density.

Agrimer recommends using Algafiller for anti-aging and post-menopausal care applications in concentrations of 1% to 3%.