Alexandre.J, it is the choice of a strong visual identity! The brand has opted for an assertive DNA, with bottles crafted and shaped using noble materials. It is a way of giving the object a touch of sensuality and desirability. Alexandre.J also relies on a clear olfactory bias, to open the doors of a prestigious and confidential perfumery to the public. The brand’s strong visual identity is promoted via social networks, thanks both to the expertise of a creative team trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and to a community of dedicated followers.

A consistent international distribution

In 2016, the brand was distributed in 37 countries and 1,000 points of sales. Today, it is present in 85 countries and 3,000 points of sale, with a fairly even distribution, since the brand is active in the Middle East, Europe, Eastern European markets, and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Colombia). In Europe, Alexandre.J has 116 points of sale in Italy, around 40 in Spain and 10 in Germany. In France, it is distributed in 25 boutiques and plans to reopen its own shop in Paris in 2024.

Alexandre.J is a family-run business, but it is also very close to its distributors, attentive to the specific characteristics of each market to which the brand adapts its offer. This agility is due in particular to the size of its range. Since 2012, Alexandre.J has launched around 200 products, a wide range that enables it to cover different segments of the confidential perfume market. The brand features products priced at 133 euros in its The Collector range, as well as more costly perfumes in its Art Nouveau Collection, and an extensive range of amateur pieces in the Atelier d’Artistes Collection.

A luxurious tribute to the Belle Époque

With the Art Nouveau Collection, launched last year, Alexandre J. is celebrating a time of great modernity. Hence the desire to explore new accords without turning its back on traditional perfumery. True to its original partners, the brand called on Studio Flair and perfumer Vanina Muracciole to work on original, addictive notes: date, a patchouli-raspberry accord, and oud freshened by jatamansi wood. Five eaux de parfums in hand-chiselled, sculpted 100 ml glass bottles with magnetic caps, priced at 370 euros. The Collection will soon be joined by a new floral fragrance.

The brand has created some Extraits for each of its fragrances. A new 50% concentration for each fragrance, in which certain facets have been enhanced. These extracts are available in a 25 ml format, for 270 euros. The same care has been taken with the bottle, with the case signed by designer Lola Mercier.

For the end-of-year festivities, Alexandre.J unveils its Art Nouveau Case. The epitome of luxury, a limited edition of 250 pieces worldwide, priced at 2,600 euros. This unique presentation case, specially designed for perfume collectors, contains the entire collection - eau de parfum and extracts.

Alexandre.J has established itself as an accessible luxury perfumery but is now extending its offering to include upmarket products for a demanding clientele. It is a way of targeting every stratum of confidential perfumery, from Haute Parfumerie to Ultra Niche Perfumery.