With the help of Alcan Packaging Beauty, Bourjois has switched its Coup de Théâtre mascara from a dual applicator to an all-in-one mascara.

The challenge was to deliver the same false eyelash effect, despite the product’s transformation. The achievement required a white thermoplastic injected brush giving the lashes maximum volume and length thanks to the distribution and shape of its purls.

With Coup de Théâtre, the customer wanted a complete two-colour model, including a white brush. That expectation could only be met with an injected brush, which allows an endless range of shapes and colours,” explains Nicholas Thorne, Innovation & Development Manager at Alcan Packaging Beauty.

The transformation is visible in the pack design where black and white intertwin: black for the stem, white for the brush and B&W in a perfect duo for the PP bi-injected cap with a silkscreen-printed bottle.

Coup de Théâtre comes in 5 party colours: brown, electric blue, green or plum.