Latest product launches demonstrate mascaras are a development priority that for Alcan Packaging Beauty. In a while, the group announced:

- A new 90° mascara, which claims to offer women amazing control over their makeup: the hand can rest on the cheek for greater precision and the brush can be oriented to reach every part of the eye area.

- An unrivalled development capacity for a plastic mascara brush within a record time: it is now possible to present a functional mock-up ready for the first make-up tests less than 2 weeks after the initial design.

- A new custom development for Bourjois : the brand’s latest Volume Clubbing mascara is fitted with an original, twin-sided brush specifically developed by the Alcan Packaging Beauty innovation center: the product reservoirs on either side coat heavily the lashes from the first touch, for a dramatic touch, while the dense fiber front ensures optimum combing.