Albéa Tubes takes another step to comply with their sustainability commitments with the addition of the HDPE Basic and Classic caps and the Fez flip-top cap to their range of recyclable mono-material caps.

The recycling-ready HDPE Basic and Classic caps are extending the flip-tops caps family for extruded and laminate tubes. Available in diameters 40 & 50mm and fully mono-material, the caps can be paired with a recycling-ready sleeve for an enhanced recyclability of the packaging. A great way to boost recyclability and meet the CSR commitments.

The Fez flip-top cap is a solution for the oral care and pharma market available in D22-38mm. The screw-on cap once aligned with Greenleaf offers a mono-material solution, making the full tube recyclable where collection and recycling are available.

The introduction of HDPE caps for Albéa Tubes Americas is an important step on our roadmap to sustainability,” says Michael Hoard, Director of New Product Development (NPD) for North America. “Having the complete tube made with mono HDPE materials will accelerate the acceptance of tubes as a viable component in the HDPE bottle recycling waste stream. The tubes would include Albéa’s Soft HDPE extruded plastic tube offer, as well as tubes made with Greenleaf, Timeless and (Re)Flex 2 webs that have been recognized by APR and RecyClass as recyclable.

Over the past five years, the Albéa group has aligned its roadmap to meet the ambitious objective of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment of the Ellen McArthur Foundation. Albéa Tubes provides its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions that are perfectly in line with the group’s CSR strategies and objectives.