Every woman is unique and likes to make up her own way - depending on the shape and color of her eyes, the length of her lashes, the time of day, the latest trends, where she lives or how she feels.

Mascara leader Albéa is launching Tips Studio to help brands offer women all the makeup possibilities they ever dreamed of. Tips Studio brings together the entire group’s expertise in applicators, from mascara brushes (fiber and plastic) to lip gloss and eyeliners. These applicators can be conventional or innovative, mass or prestige, available off-the-shelf or developed specifically for Albéa’s customers. Several are derived from patented and proprietary technologies.

Albéa’s expertise in design, injection, decoration and full-service brings the product claim to life, thanks to a great match between formula, applicator and wiper. After celebrating the production of their billionth mascara in 2013, Albéa keeps inventing innovative applicators and gestures to multiply effects and renew the pleasure of makeup.

Mademoiselle, the extreme volume and length mascara brush from Albéa's My...

Mademoiselle, the extreme volume and length mascara brush from Albéa’s My Style range

Thanks to its unique innovation and development methods, Albéa’s teams grasp both women’s expectations and the latest trends. Through cutting-edge prototyping technologies, Albéa offers customers new application solutions every day to meet the market’s constant demands.

Albéa’s experts at the Centre of Excellence in Bottanuco, Italy, and our teams in America and Asia work closely with brands, consumers and our partners for formulas and materials. Albéa Tips Studio is where the most innovative applicators are created.

Albéa - Contributing to the success of our customers and the happiness of their customers for more than 50 years.