Makeup and skincare packaging is about different packaging types welcoming different formulas, made from different technologies and with their own levels of complexity. The challenge is high as it requires to reconsider our processes and product design, and to carefully select the right materials for cosmetics applications,” says Aude Charbonneaux, CSR Manager at Albéa. “Our first priority is to reconsider the type of plastic resins used in the packaging, moving from non-recyclable resins to recyclable resins such as PET & PP, available also as post-consumer recycled resins (PCR).

New PCR-based make-up range

In order to support brands in their CSR transition, Albéa worked on the optimization of its supply chain to ensure secured sources of recycled materials. The company is now offering a full range of stock PET and PP based packaging integrating 30% to 100% of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics in the total pack to lower the use of virgin material:

- The “BIM” product range features 3 sizes of round compacts that are perfect for face and eye makeup. All of them are made of PET for the cap, cover & plate and include 30% of PCR PET.
- The “Cheeky” & “Bloom” lipsticks both showcase a cap & base in PET with 30% recycled material.
- The “Clear Touch” Face stick is a 100% PET conception available with 50% PCR PET.
- Best-seller “Mémoire” & “Sunset” mascaras are now available with 100% PCR PP for the cap & 100% PCR PET for the bottle.

Other options of sticks, mascara and jars are also available with PCR PP content.

Providing Mechanical & Chemical PCR

Albéa also offers solutions integrating chemically recycled material and produced in its ISCC (International Sustainability in Carbon Certification) certified plants. Available for PET & co-polyesters components, chemical PCR allows to keep the material initial characteristics while ensuring aesthetic (perfect transparency) and functionality. Depending on the packaging characteristics, a content of up to 50% chemical PCR can be offered.

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